At SubC we believe that all footage obtained from the ocean should be of the highest quality. Never be satisfied with the status quo.

Our primary focus is reliability. Products are over engineered with high safety factors and the finest components to perform reliably under the most hazardous conditions. Next we incorporate uncommon features which create products that stand out. Once deployed, a feature rich product will give the most flexibility in critical situations.

1) Topside Equipment

  • SubC Overlay - Multi Channel (Released Q2-2013)


    Overlay and output multiple channels of video. Designed to be very easy to use, while still flexible and feature rich. This is the unit to replace all the outdated technology previously used.

  • SubC DVR - Overlay, Record and Stream

    SubC DVR - Overlay, Record and Stream

    Overylay multiple feeds of HD and SD video with audio. Record to expandable storage. Video and audio streamed over the internet or local network.

2) Cameras

  • Chimaera - Ultra high resolution stills (Released Q2-2013)


    A dedicated underwater digital stills camera. 24.3 MegaPixel photos and 1080/60p HD recording. Lasers, External LED Strobe, and Ethernet downloading. Composite Video output.

  • 1Cam Alpha - HD Video and Digital Stills

    1Cam Alpha with Lasers

    Underwater 24.3 MegaPixel Digital Stills and 1080/60p HD Camera. Flash and Lasers. Fiber Optic or Coaxial HD-SDI. External LED control. One Camera.

  • Dragonfish - 5MPixel IP Camera

    SubC Dragonfish with Lasers

    Live 1080p HD video, 5Megapixel resolution, low light sensitivity, built in overlay. plus stills and HD recording. All over Ethernet.

  • Angler - High Quality SD

    The angler SD camera

    Instead of making dozens of various SD cameras, SubC has decided to make one that beats them all. Wide angle, near-SIT low light capability, high resolution video and digital noise reduction.

3) Support Equipment

  • HD-Now - Digital Conversion

    HD-Now Back View

    A quick solution to convert analog component HD video to Digital HD for transmission over fiber optics or HD-SDI coaxial.

  • SubC Drop Camera System

    SubC Monitoring System

    The SubC Drop Camera System combines a camera with on-board recording, an LED Strobe/Light, and a Battery to create an easily deployable solution.

  • Aquorea LED - Reliable, Powerful


    Highly efficient underwater LED light. 4800 Lumen output at only 54 Watts of power. Long lifespan. DC Power. It can be integrated with our cameras as a Flash or Lamp.

  • Battery 170

    Front cap of the SubC Battery170

    A Lithium-Ion based battery module to enable stand-alone operation of equipment in hazardous environments.

4) Legacy Equipment

  • 1CamX - Stills and HD


    12MPixel stills, 1080HD, Low Light. One small Camera.

  • 1Cam - HD Video and Digital Stills


    Underwater Digital Stills and HD Camera. 12MPixel stills, 1080/60p HD, Flash and Lasers. One Camera.

  • FlexHD - Live HD Video


    HD-SDI video over Fiber optics or Coax.
    Large sensor, great low-light capability, switchable video formats for different regions.

  • StarGazer Ultra Low Light


    Ultra high quantum efficiency gives this camera the best performance in low light situations. Able to transmit video and controls over fiber optics or coaxial it can be deployed in numerous situations.