Seamor Marine Underwater Inspection ROV Products

  • Seamor Marine Ltd. is a high tech manufacturer and distributor of the Seamor line of underwater inspection remotely operated vehicles (ROV's). Located on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada, Seamor also manufactures umbilical reels for fibre optic and twisted pair tethers, thruster modules and auxiliary LED lighting modules.
  • Seamor ROV platforms are based on a modular approach that allows for custom mechanical and electrical platform modifications without excessive custom costs.
  • Each vehicle uses standard modules that interoperate with other Seamor ROV models. We understand that the system you purchase today may not be the system you will need in the future - as your needs grow, so must the equipment you use.
  • By purchasing a standard Seamor ROV, you open the door to expand the vehicle's size, thruster layout, umbilical length and sensor and tooling capabilities to match your needs. Most of which can be done by adding on to your existing system.
  • All Seamor products are engineered, manufactured and assembled under exacting procedures to ensure the highest quality products leave our doors and enter our clients' hands. All products include a 2 year Limited Warranty which can be extended to 5 years and/or transferred between owners.

Seamor 300T

Designed to be an economical, yet effective, inspection solution, your Seamor 300T inspection-class underwater ROV is a portable system with a twisted pair tether, up to 900ft, that allows for quick mobilization, agile performance and ease of operation and tether maintenance. With 90 watt thrusters, a high resolution color camera and a depth rating of 300m(1000ft), your Seamor 300T offers high quality video images coupled with industrial reliability and performance - all within your budgetary needs.

Seamor 300F

The SEAMOR is a powerful, industrial inspection-class mini-ROV designed for a wide range of underwater challenges. High resolution imagery and bright illumination couple to provide high quality images digitally captured using intuitive, precise ROV control.

Seamor 300F2/4

The Seamor 300F2/4 with four high powered, horizontal thrusters and an extension to the frame is designed to be an open frame tooling and sensor platform ready for customization. Using an umbilical with 4 fibres and 2 twisted pairs and a portable manual reel, this powerful, industrial inspection-class mini-ROV comes ready for a wide range of underwater challenges with the added benefits of high resolution imagery, intuitive control and portability. Fly a Seamor and understand how we are putting your expectations into our ROVs.

Seamor 600F

The latest in innovation from Seamor Marine designed to take you and your inspections to new and greater depths, your Seamor 600F inspection-class, middle-sea ROV is a portable system with a fibre optic tether and depth rating of up to 600m (2000ft). With 150 watt thrusters, tilting high resolution, low lux color camera and lights, your Seamor 600F offers high quality video images coupled with industrial reliability and performance.

Manual Reel


Seamor manufactures its portable tether management reels from high grade aluminum and stainless steel. Each reel is housed in a Pelican Case for ease of transport and storage with the reel being easily removed for deck-mounting. The Seamor Manual Reel is a lightweight, compact standard option for any Seamor ROV but can also be customized to suite almost any tether that requires protection and/or surface management.

  • Part Number SM4100
  • Material Black powder coated aluminum Stainless steel
  • Slip ring Passes 24 standard - custom slip rings available
  • Tether Capacity 365m/1200ft @ 10mm/0.4in diameter
  • Reel Weight in Air 11.3kg/25lbs (reel only)
  • Reel Length 19in/485mm
  • Reel Width 19in /485mm
  • Reel Depth 20in/510mm
  • Case Weight in Air 11.8kg/26lbs (0350 Pelican Case only)
  • Case Length 22.5in/565mm
  • Case Width 22.43in/570mm
  • Case Depth 21.25in/540mm
  • Deck Cable 4m/12ft standard or user defined
  • Handle Detachable

Seamor Marine manual reels come with a limited 24 month Seamor Warranty and are housed in a Pelican Case with a limited lifetime warranty.